Hi Danny

Thanks so much for coming out and fixing our fax line issues. You're a miracle worker with the phone system.

I forgot to ask you to re-program ext 156 as per the service request. This was so that international calls can be made from that phone. Is that something you can do remotely.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind Regards,
Victoria Walsh
Executive Assistant to John Katsaros Managing Director
Human Resources Consultant

Delphi Australia
Ph: 9239 2152
Fax: 9551 8764


It goes without saying Danny !!! Your work and your people skills dealing with DIIRD Clients is first rate so I have no issue in requesting for your company to continue to do our larger projects.

Im sure our working relationship will continue as normal and be assured you are our preferred contractor !!!

Hope it all works out for you in the end

Kindest regards

Mike Fisher
Telecommunications Manager,
Corporate Services & Development
Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development Level 31 121
Exhibition St , Melb VIC 3000
03 96519105

Good afternoon Danny,

Barbara Roach of CenITex has asked that I pass on her & CenITexÍs thanks to you for the excellent works that DPJ continue to provide on Projects. It is very much appreciated by both CenITex & NEC.

This also includes being able to accommodate Projects with very little lead time.

At a meeting this morning, Barbara has made me aware of an upcoming Project relocating extensions and the temporary Boardroom at 80 Collins St from level 17 to level 21. We donÍt have dates set as yet for this Project but I will be requesting DPJ to complete this Project, if you are available to do so. Currently we have a small Project to assess the floor capacity for CenITex for level 21 (under VM069812 which you have quoted for today) which will lead into this Relocation Project for July.

I would like to extend my thanks to you from the VOTS CSA group and myself as you do make our lives easier with your professional works and level of detail provided to the Departments.


Sean Muse Service Delivery Manager / Acting Customer Business Manager VOTS NEC Australia Pty Ltd 649-655 Springvale Rd Mulgrave VIC 3170 Australia P: +61 3 9262 1014 F: +61 3 9262 1999 M: 0407 827 583 www.nec.com.au

Good afternoon Danny,

Just a quick thank you for your unexpected Gift. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year period. Look forward to being able to utilise DPJ throughout 2009 ? We never get complaints from your works and that speaks for itself.

Thanks again and speak to you soon.


Sean Muse
Service Delivery Manager
NEC Australia Pty Ltd 649-655 Springvale Rd Mulgrave VIC 3170 Australia
P: +61 3 9262 1014 F: +61 3 9262 1999 M: 0407 827 583 www.nec.com.au

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the photos. Room looks much better. Cutover appears to have gone well, with no major issues, Thanks for a project well done.

Michael Benton
Project Manager, NSW Service
Business Solutions Group
NEC Australia Pty Ltd
26 Rodborough Rd, Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086, Australia
+61 2 9930 2524
+61 2 9930 2748
+0411 019 112 michael.benton@nec.com.au


Hi Danny,

Thanks again to you and your staff for an excellent PABX installation and changeover.

IÍve attached the extension listing that was made as I tested extensions whilst marking up the floor plans.

I will use your information and my listing as the basis for preparing a list of extensions that require their handset changed to IQ750Ís.

Presently IÍm tied up with the ABC Brisbane project but in a couple of weeks I will email you with a proposal for changing out the existing Elsternwick analogue handsets to new IQ750 handsets.

Brian Bennett


ABC Ultimo Centre
700 Harris Street Ultimo
NSW 2007

GPO Box 9994
Sydney NSW 2001

Tel: +61 2 8333 1994
Fax: +61 2 8333 1999

Mbl: 0409 816 193
Email: bennett.brian@abc.net.au

Hi Michael,

As an FYI we have tested the extension patching at L19 / Nauru. All exts patched 100% accurately which is fantastic.

We still have programming, voicemail and diversion testing to go, but the job Danny and Lisa has done is first rate to-date.

Rick Lang
Telecommunications, DoJ
8684 6888

Hello Danny & Jo,

Special thanks to both of you & your team for your work on the project.

Never easy with a move and with Matt K unexpectedly being away, youÍve made my life easier dealing with catching up on stuff.

Well done on another VOTS project.

If you have any feedback on how we could do things better next time IÍm happy to have a chat.


Steven Anderson
Program Office Manager
NEC Australia Pty Ltd
Phone: 03 92621020
Mobile: 0412 814351
Fax: 03 92621532
Website: www.nec.com.au

P.O Box 4125,   HCMDC,   Hoppers Crossing,   Vic 3029   Ph: 0419 313 000
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